Thursday, 31 May 2012

Another day of Boomers website so interesting.  Launch date very soon and it seems there is always more and more.  So far the week has been busy and very hot.  I rang home to Australia today and they are in low 2's at night so everyone wrapped up tight.  My sister has not been seen for a week but still very much alive to the relief of my mum so all good in the land of Oz.  

This week had to go shopping for baby bits for one of our team, seriously how do parents do it.  You need so much and I think the Kipling Baby Bag was well worth it maybe not so practical on the money front but needed something trendy.  I put my hat off to every mum and dad I have a hard enough time just looking after me.

Must keep working as off on holiday Monday.  Looking forward to more sun and blue water.

T x

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