Wednesday, 2 May 2012

It feels like forever getting the loveboomers website completed.  I am really surprised at how detailed you have to be and all the laws surrounding what you need to do.  We currently have a launch date of the 1st of June and working madly to get it all completed in between all the other things on my to do list.  They all seem important so today I bought fun stick notes with dire, needs attention, they are fantastic and really brighten up that paper shuffling that often occurs.  Great website too, now you can have some to play with.  There are others but you need to look I am not sure about swearing in a blog.  Eventually maybe.

Well I better get back to my website and finish off another section otherwise my team will really start thinking I do nothing all day.  I miss the days of the store need to have a few more days in there.

T x

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