Wednesday, 19 September 2012


It has been a very busy few months with business progressing and lots of changes happening all around me.  I am being to wonder if I am making the right choices and surrounding myself with the right people.  In life relationships with people seem always the hardest.  Do we all really want honesty and directness?  Do people all have an angle, I am beginning to wonder?  My rose tinted glasses of the world are starting to get tainted with the lack of integrity and honesty of people.  Everybody says look after number one, why is it that some of us including me struggle with that.  I am beginning to think is there genuine people out there. Am I just choosing the wrong company.  As I blare out "Stand Up" by Jessie J her lyrics give me hope in the world, maybe it is all about me and the choices I make and how I bounce back with the good, the bad, the rough and the smooth of life.  Apparently it is supposed to build character, and lead you to where your are headed and where you are supposed to be.  
"If you surround yourself with negative people
You'll never feel settled in or become an equal, no
They'll suppress you of your spirit and rinse you dry of smiles
So reach deep and release your inner child"

Regardless of the knocks in life and there has been a few, I am happy that I can still feel moved by people, and inspired by others.  Big enough to say I am sorry with all my heart and recognise I am not perfect and make mistakes.  I have realised though I don't ever want to be so hard that I don't feel the knocks of life to learn when things are great and you meet people that are genuine you can see the difference and know the world is not that bad and the special people will always be genuine and true .

T x

 The only source of knowledge is experience” Albert Einstein