Thursday, 31 May 2012

Another day of Boomers website so interesting.  Launch date very soon and it seems there is always more and more.  So far the week has been busy and very hot.  I rang home to Australia today and they are in low 2's at night so everyone wrapped up tight.  My sister has not been seen for a week but still very much alive to the relief of my mum so all good in the land of Oz.  

This week had to go shopping for baby bits for one of our team, seriously how do parents do it.  You need so much and I think the Kipling Baby Bag was well worth it maybe not so practical on the money front but needed something trendy.  I put my hat off to every mum and dad I have a hard enough time just looking after me.

Must keep working as off on holiday Monday.  Looking forward to more sun and blue water.

T x

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Lots going on to keep me out of trouble.  Year 2011 to now seems a very long slog with all matters both personal and business. But as they say one door closes another opens and usually what you think you are losing now is nothing compared to what you are about to gain.  I have discovered this on both fronts.  So many people ask what do I do when I am not in the store? I actually have had a very long list of tasks. 

 After being in store for many years I am catching up on all the work I could not finish off.  One our website which granted has taken forever and will continue to grow.  My favourite our second site, as well as lots of baking and paper work.  

Location on second site is currently under lock and key until the paper work is all signed sealed and delivered.  I will be in store again launching the new store, which I am so so very excited about.  Our mates have been looking forward to a new location and so have I.  It is the icing on the cake, it will be lots of hard work but so looking forward to being with people again.

T x

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

It feels like forever getting the loveboomers website completed.  I am really surprised at how detailed you have to be and all the laws surrounding what you need to do.  We currently have a launch date of the 1st of June and working madly to get it all completed in between all the other things on my to do list.  They all seem important so today I bought fun stick notes with dire, needs attention, they are fantastic and really brighten up that paper shuffling that often occurs.  Great website too, now you can have some to play with.  There are others but you need to look I am not sure about swearing in a blog.  Eventually maybe.

Well I better get back to my website and finish off another section otherwise my team will really start thinking I do nothing all day.  I miss the days of the store need to have a few more days in there.

T x