Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Communication seems to be the key trend of my last few weeks, what really is the amazing secret that we all get so badly wrong.  I question myself did I really hear the right thing, did I say the right thing in the right way and more importantly did they understand me and me them. Awaiting for that vital piece of communication that strings the next steps a head in your plan, the dangling, and waiting, waiting and more waiting when eventually you move to the next important stage in your plan.  Why hang around.  Then eventually it comes back around and starts all over again.   
I admire those people that get it right, actually it is hard to think of a list of the top ten business's or people that have. It's the million dollar question?  It is seriously like a mind field and when you get it wrong how life gets tipped upside down and inside out.  Is it because we are all so busy we really do not live in the moment and take in what someone else is saying?  Have we all become so wrapped up in our own lives that we cut out the people that are most important, without even knowing we are doing it?  Are we all that busy, I have had to stop myself this week and realise I am doing it and it is really annoying.  So I have decided to remember to breath and actually feel and see the person in front of me.   I am so busy making the plans and working out the next step for the future, I have begun to stop living in the moment and enjoying the little intricacies of daily life that make it all worth doing.
So much of my day to day life is based on a yes or a no, and no truer words have been written like...
The magic moment is that in which a yes or no may change the whole of our existence....
(paulo coelho)
It dramatically changes, everything in my day to day world.   How to have the ability to have people say yes would be fantastic but would it really?  I am not so sure. 
For now I have decided that maybe sometimes silence is the best policy, because then you are actually listening. I will work on my responses to what I have been communicated as another long term project.


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